WELCOME TO the woodside SCHOOL

Woodside School, established in the year 1991, is situated in the heart of Ooty town on a 17 acre site of green pastureland, catering to the needs of students from all over India on a co-educational basis. The School admits students, both on boarding and day scholar basis.  CBSE syllabus is followed with low teacher-to-student ratio. Personal attention to every pupil is guaranteed.

The motto being,’ Sapere Audue’ the Latin Phrase, meaning ‘Dare to be wise’ or ‘Dare to know’ encouraging its pupils to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought


Early Years Program

Stimulating curiosity and imagination in the K1, K2, Grade I and Grade II students, encouraging academic and a holistic development from an early age. At this stage, we focus on engaging the child through creative teaching methods.


Familiarizing the students of III-V with higher learning concepts and knowledge assimilation while they can develop rigorous academic habits and hone their skill sets. Practical learning is emphasized as we believe in ‘learning by doing’.


Expanding the horizons of learning and mastery of advanced concepts and skills of students from classes VI to X. Special competition preparations are also a part of the curriculum, as we provide higher platforms to our students.


Woodside ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with the theoretical knowledge for the all round development of students. For this purpose, the school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Woodside is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a vibrant learning atmosphere, where students have every opportunity to develop diverse areas of their potential.




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Teaching Staff

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