Boarding School in Ooty

Moving to a boarding school is a very important experience. It is the most important and the most memorable period in a child’s life. The Woodside boarding school in Ooty is a premier boarding school in Ooty.

All you have to do to get your child enrolled in Woodside School is give our friendly receptionist a call. We will be happy to share you a registration form that you can fill out and submit back to us. Once we receive your filled form, we will be happy to give you a tour of our facilities. We will show you where your children will be sleeping, where they will be playing, and where they will be learning.  We have several activities planned for your children, so you can rest easy knowing they will be kept busy during their stay with us.

Student’s Experience At Boarding School

The students at Woodside School in Ooty, India, experience a program that helps them develop the skills for success in the real world. It is organized to create educational experiences students will continue to use in whatever future paths they choose, whether they are pursuing further academic degrees, seeking employment, or looking for ways to make contributions to their communities.

If you are considering boarding schools in Ooty Nilgiris, then you have to look no further than Woodside School. With our unique approach to learning, involving field trips, exercise, and other activities, our students have seen tremendous success.

When you are at our boarding school in Ooty, you will come across a variety of new things which will help you develop training not just for academics but for your overall personality. We have a high-end infrastructure, a highly qualified and experienced faculty, a number of the finest facilities, and a host of extra-curricular activities. You will never feel bored or left alone even for a minute.

To start, you will need to decide which boarding school in Ooty you would want to send your child to. After this, you will need to contact the admissions department at the boarding school in Ooty to set up an appointment to have your child meet with their academic advisor. You will have to have your child do a short writing sample, but that is nothing to be concerned with. The admissions department is always willing to help.

The Woodside School is a boarding school located at the foothills of the beautiful Nilgiri mountains. It aims to build confidence, leadership skills, and discipline in organizing things. The campus is spread across a large area and is surrounded by a sheet of greenery.

If your child is looking for boarding schools in Ooty, then Woodside is the right place for them. Our school is one of the most preferred schools in the Nilgiris. The school is set in picturesque valleys, with a wide variety of wildlife. The school is designed for children who are above the age of 10, the school is based on the broad concept of positive discipline.