CBSE Schools in Nilgiris

CBSE Schools in Nilgiris

CBSE schools are most popular among the students from Nilgiris and Ooty areas because of the excellent facilities and the finest quality teaching provided at these CBSE schools. The students are happy with the lectures delivered by their teachers. Some of the students from nearby localities and outstations have also been keen to take admissions in the best CBSE schools.

Woodside School, located in Woodside, Club Road, Ooty, is one of the top CBSE affiliated schools in the Nilgiris District. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for classes I-XII.

The school is nestled in the heart of the Nilgiri Mountains. Its rustic beauty, lush green surroundings and friendly school staff complement an idyllic setting for students. In fact, the Nilgiris is ideal for students who wish to pursue their education in an environment free from distractions and can learn to concentrate more.

Besides high-quality education, the school is also known as the elite school by many people.

Creating Values

Independence, self-confidence, and a thirst for knowledge. These are the values that shape the lives of every student at our school, who are well-prepared ready to enter the world of work with the best of qualifications with confidence. To perform at their best, students need to be equipped with all the resources that will help them succeed when they educate from top CBSE Schools in Nilgiris.


Woodside School Ooty is a progressive school in the heart of the city, where we bring children up to the highest standards of academic excellence. The school is also unique in that it is a co-educational school with a strong focus on a strong co-curricular program. We offer a broad range of co-curricular activities for students to take part in and showcase their talent.


The Syllabus for the CBSE school is prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is designed suitable for the teachers and students to understand the pattern of the subjects. The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum is a series of courses that revolve around core subjects of Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Languages. These are the subjects that are expected in all CBSE schools.


Delivering the quality of education will determine your final decision.

Knowledge is like an ocean, and at Woodside School, we encourage students to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads, English talent exams, Informatics, and other Olympiads. Students learn Olympiads to acquire knowledge where they are motivated to compete with other students with a spirit of healthy competition through a reward based assessment.

The Woodside School is focus on holistic development, offering an unparalleled education to children. The top schools in Nilgiris, the Woodside School is the best CBSE school with a strong focus on expression, creativity, and artistic learning.

Woodside School fulfils the CBSE requirements for Primary, Middle and High School. CBSE school affiliations are for the entire school.

The students studying in CBSE schools in Nilgiris are taught in a way that is much more progressive.

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First Divisions

Class XII Results

Bartholome Priyadarshan.J.J Secured 90% in the Science Stream.
Jodirramana Secured 87.8% in the Science Stream
Prashanth Secured 82.4% in the Science Stream.

Joshua Bruno Charles Secured 97.2% in Commerce Stream.
J.Pooja Secured 97% in the Commerce Stream.
Bhairavi Parekh Secured 91.6% in the Commerce stream.

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First Division
in Science Stream

First Division
in Commerse Stream

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