Pre Schools in Ooty

Pre Schools in Ooty

Woodside School is one of the best-known pre schools in Ooty, which has a rich history of education. The school was incepted in the year 1991 to admit students of both on a boarding and day scholar basis. The school provides care and education for children from ages 2 to 5. The school has been affiliated to CBSE Board of Education, New Delhi.

Pre School Learning Environment

As you know that children are the future of this world. To prepare our future generation for the future, we need to give them an environment that is conducive to learning. And that is why we have chosen to build a preschool. Preschool at the Woodside School Ooty offers a healthy and safe learning environment for children. It provides an environment for the development of children by providing the educational needs of the children.

Why should a child go to a pre school?

Pre schools cater to the best needs for children. There are many ways a pre-school will help your child get ready for school. Pre-school is not only for children who need extra help. It can also be a fun place for children who are not yet ready to go to school. It is important for a child’s overall development where the tiny tots learn words, numerical and a lot more at a pre-school. A school is an ideal place for children to learn. In pre school, children can learn their social skills, math, and reading skills. They can also learn to be independent and develop their self-esteem personality. Pre-schoolers are also given exemplary life skills and knowledge that they can take with them into their future academic education.

Children learn a lot from at pre school that

  • helps with self confidence
  • helps a child to learn to focus
  • helps a child to learn to socialize
  • helps a child to learn to share
  • provides a child with a chance to be creative
  • provides a child with the chance to try new things
  • prepares a child for kindergarten

Pre school is a lot of fun and it helps a child to get ready for school.

Learning is an ongoing process that begins with the first sign of a child’s interest in something. A child who is motivated to engage in learning may benefit from a wider range of experiences and from a variety of people and places as he or she grows older.

Classroom is a place where kids learn and explore. We believe in the power of play and a positive learning environment that encourages self-discovery, creativity and critical thinking. In this environment, children will flourish and that is our utmost focus. Our one of the top pre schools in Ooty offers a varied curriculum that encourages exploration and individual learning style.

Woodside School Ooty is an ideal choice for early learners. If you are looking for the top pre schools in Ooty, then absolutely you need to contact our school as we have highly qualified staff and educators that offer the best quality education with an innovative form of delivering teaching.

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First Divisions

Class XII Results

Bartholome Priyadarshan.J.J Secured 90% in the Science Stream.
Jodirramana Secured 87.8% in the Science Stream
Prashanth Secured 82.4% in the Science Stream.

Joshua Bruno Charles Secured 97.2% in Commerce Stream.
J.Pooja Secured 97% in the Commerce Stream.
Bhairavi Parekh Secured 91.6% in the Commerce stream.

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First Division
in Science Stream

First Division
in Commerse Stream

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